A Pinner or a Doer?

It's been a while friends! Finally getting my life and even my craft space organized again. I have been so obsessed with Pinterest lately. I kept pinning and pinning and pinning and then one day I asked myself if I was ever going to make any of the things I was pinning. I started out slow and made a few new recipes for my family. (They have turned out pretty great, loving my crock pot!) I kept wondering when I was going to get to be creative again. I came across this on Pinterest and decided to give a try today.

What is it? It's a handy ironing board for next to my new sewing machine! While looking for the TV tray at Target I found a table top ironing board for $10 and considered taking the easy way out and just buying that one. I decided I missed making things with my own 2 hands and went off in search of my TV tray. Found one for $8. I was a bit concerned by her directions to just use batting and was thinking it would make the TV tray pretty hot. I found a table top ironing pad at Menard's for $6. I know what you are thinking, wouldn't it have just been cheaper to buy the one at Target? Yes, it would have. But it would take up valuable table top space in my craft room. This one folds up and down and sits exactly where I need it....plus like I said, I needed to prove to myself I could actually make something again. I first staple-gunned (not a word I know) the Ironing pad cover to the TV tray and then found the cutest polka dot fabric in my stash to go over the top of it. Those who know me, know how much I love polka dots! I need to take a photo of my polka dot wall! So cute!

Let me know what you think!

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