HSM 3!!

So after waiting a super long time we FINALLY got to see HSM3! The kids are huge fans, and since I am such a fantastic mother, we just HAD to see this the day it opened. I bought our tix a week in advance and Kev was SOOOO excited. ;) ( I think I only heard, "You have got to be kidding me." like 4 or 5 times.) I really love these movies. Emma is in love with Troy. Everything in our house is Troy, Troy, Troy. She tells me how one day she will marry Troy, how she dreams about Troy, and how cute he is. She names her Build-A-Bears and Webkinz Troy. I felt the same way about John Travolta. I watched Grease a few thousand times growing up. I carried around the record. My girlfriends and I would act out all the scenes from the movie. So with Troy, I completely understand. I mean come on, Zach Efron is a total cutie! So we get our tix and wait a half hour in line just to get in the theater. We pick our seats and watch the adorable hampster from Bolt talk about how much he loves HSM. As soon as Zach comes on screen, my shy husband shouts out, " OH TROY!" The entire theater cracked up, except for Em. She was mortified. I was laughing hysterically. She forgave him and we watched the rest of the film..which was really good. I actually caught my husband laughing and enjoying himself too. The soundtrack is now in the #1 position in our 6-disc in the Nav. I am sad to say that Em pushed Eddie Vedder aside for Troy. One day hopefully she will go back to Ed. Here is the trailer. It's the Grease of our kids time.

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